Shipping in San Jose


PostalAnnex+ in San Jose is my new favorite spot to get office supplies and ship important Packages.

I was stressing out the other day and had no idea how I was going to get a package out in time.  Luckily I found just the place in San Jose and was able to get my package not only wrapped and protected, but also I got to choose the carrier that worked best for me.  Did I mention I was able to compare rates?

I wasn’t positive on the Carrier that was the right fit for me and had a few choices from USPS, FedEX, DHL, or UPS.  I was definitely at a loss on which one to pick.  Luckily their team at PostalAnnex+ guided me through every step of the way.  My stress level went from sky high, to calm and collective and the package I sent out made it a day earlier then expected.

I would definitely call this a WIN!

For more info on their services, I highly recommend you visit them HERE



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